Woke up: 6:30 am

Breakfast: 7:15 am (380 calories)

Oatmeal (2/3 cup)- 100 Calories

Brown Cow Yogurt cup (1 serving)- 180 Calories

Snack: 10:00 am

Luna Bar- 190 Calories

Lunch: 12:15 pm (469 calories)

Chicken Sandwich

Cheese crackers

Snack: 3:00pm

Banana – 100 Calories

Snack: 4:00pm

Apple – 70 Calories

Snack: 6:00pm

1/2 a Lara Bar – 100 Calories

Dinner: 7:45 pm (451 Calories)

Pork with Cherries sauce


Total Calories: 1,760

BMR: 2,100

Exercise: Walking 41 minutes (approx. 290 calories)

Caloric deficit: 630

Notes: I need to eat more for breakfast and less for snacks.  I also ate fewer fruits than usual.  Overall a pretty good day considering the light amount of exercise.


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