Jack Harvey Schrute* is a dog of many names.

First and foremost, he goes by Jack. That’s the name we gave him. After about a week of getting to know him, seeing his personality, and crossing name-after-name off the list, we finally settled on Jack. It fits him perfectly.

Other names he answers to:

  • Yack (and variations, such as Yack-ums or Yack-A-Roux)
  • Roux (with many more variations like Roux-Roux, Roux-Be-Do, Roux-Be, etc.)
  • Rufus (with variations, of course: Rufus-Doofus-Doofy-Head)
  • Sweetness
  • Simple Jack (from the movie Tropic Thunder)
  • Petunia (most recent nickname, discovered when there was a bit of thunder, heard faintly in the distance)
  • Chalupa (Nick started calling him this one day… I have no idea.)

If you call him by one of these names, he will make the effort to open one eye, assess the situation and then decide if there is reason enough to actually get up and come over to you. Usually there’s not. However, if you happen to have a piece of string cheese or something else he thinks he might like to try, he will be there in a flash! And that might clue you in as to why he has his own section on this blog.

Jack’s favorite things (besides trying to manipulate you into giving him food) include: riding in the c-a-r (he loves it so much, we have to spell the word instead of say it), barking at the kitties next door (they tease him), taking long naps, being brushed, being the center of attention, and cuddling.

Jack’s reason for being on this website is that we recently had a vet visit and he had gained some weight. He hopes to lose about 12 pounds (the sensible way, no fad dieting for this puppy!). He will be cutting back on his Puppy-O’s a little bit and going on lots of brisk walks (much to his chagrin).

It’s not all selfish for Jack, though. He’s in it for love… specifically with a certain black standard poodle we saw on a walk in Albuquerque. The next time they cross paths, Jack hopes to catch her eye with his striking good looks and his svelte new body.

So now you know Jack.


*Last name has been changed


2 Responses to “About Roux.”

  1. Amy Says:

    This is hilarious. lol

  2. Renee Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that names, re-names, and re-names their animals. Our poor pets don’t stand a chance do they? LOL My son, Stephen, suffers with multiple names as well. Why be normal?

    Great job, Nicholas!

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