Santa Fe Run-Around 5k (6/07/2008): 33:33.33

Rancho Viejo 10k (8/03/2008): 1:05:36

El Dorado Fun Run 5k (9/27/2008): 28:05.44

Duke City Half-Marathon (10/19/2008): 2:05:16

Albuquerque Turkey Trek (11/27/2008):  25:54

Farolito 5k Fun Run (12/21/2008): 25:15

Austin Marathon (02/15/2009): 4:31:07


3 Responses to “Nick’s Races and Times”

  1. Linda Says:

    Could you please explain for the uninitiated what a marathon is–how long a distance, any rules? Also, can you convert kilometers to miles –how far in miles is a 5K run?

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Linda,

    Here are the most common distances for foot races:

    5K: 3.1 miles
    10K: 6.2 miles
    Half-Marathon: 13.1 miles (approx 21K)
    Marathon: 26 miles 385 yards (42.195K)
    Ultramarathon: Anything over marathon distance. The most common ultramarathons are 50 or 100 miles.

    Nick may have more to add, but these are the distances.


  3. Linda Says:

    Thanks, Becca!
    Very interesting stuff for us old fogies. I’m so glad Nick had a good experience in Austin. It was funny to read that the photog’s comment about how he only photographed RUNNERS made Nick charge ahead with running again! Ha! Mild-mannered Nick is a pretty competitive guy, and even a closet mysophobe, he writes. You guys are hysterical!
    Congratulations to Nick, and to you for supporting him!
    — See you soon, Linda

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