Taking a break from Food Week. The topic over at Runner’s Lounge today is “Only in Running.” I thought it’d be fun to jot down some of the quirky things that I do, or have contemplated doing, just because I love to run.

In no particular order:

Only in Running . . .

1.  Am I afraid of dogs (I love dogs, but not when they chase me down the road)

2.  Do I wear short shorts and tight tights

3.  Do I consider 40 degrees “shorts weather”

4.  Is the discovery of a product called “Body Glide” a momentous occasion

5.  Would I wonder if licking the salt off my own face is a good way to replenish electrolytes (I experimented with this on my first 20 mile run)

6.   Have I given considerable thought to the cause and effects of nipple chafing

7.  Do I look forward to getting a shirt with more advertisements than a stock car

8.  Does a trip to Boston become the dream of a lifetime

9.  Would I sample and critique various flavors of edible viscosity

10.  Has Daylight Savings become a celebratory holiday