Happy Friday!

We wanted to announce that next week here on the BRS Blog (March 9-13) will be Food Week! What does this mean, exactly? Well, a few things…

First, we have had several people curious, inquiring, and wanting to know what we are eating. So, I thought I would invite you into our kitchen for a week. Yes, you will be having breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and… (gasp!) dessert with us! It should be pretty fun, as I will be sharing some of our favorite healthy recipes with you (complete with  nutritional information), as well as our tips and tricks for eating healthily, inexpensively, and WELL!

Second, we are starting our first mini-challenge. It will be a challenge within the challenge, so to speak, and you don’t have to be a part of the main challenge to join this one. Between today (March 6th), and next Friday (March 13th) send in your favorite healthy recipe for us to try! It can be anything, from a main dish to a side dish to a snack… whatever. We will make each recipe and announce a winner as soon as we’re able to make them all (we’re thinking the winner will be announced on Monday, March 16th). The main things we’re looking for are how yummy it is and the calorie content (but of course, we will be taking a glance at other nutritional information as well). If you don’t have the calorie count of the recipe, no worries, Nick and I will figure all of that out.

And the prize? Well, you guys are in for a real treat! The winner of this mini-challenge will receive a copy of my FAVORITE cookbook right now… “The Food You Crave” by Ellie Krieger.


Next week on the blog, you will probably be seeing a recipe or two from this cookbook, as I am in l-u-v with this cookbook and make things from it often. I got it for Christmas (thanks, Tam!), and we’ve been consistently trying recipes from it. The thing I love about this cookbook is that it has amazing, tasteful recipes, simple, not a lot of ingredients, and it has all of the nutritional information for each recipe. You make these recipes and say, “Mmmm,” and not, “Wow, this must be healthy…” These are all things I look for in a cookbook, and to find all of them together in one book is amazingly hard!

So in summary, be looking forward to Food Week, and join our mini-challenge by sending in your favorite healthy recipe!


Now for the moment we all wait for each week. Yes, today is that wonderful day where you all get a peek at our bathroom scale. Oh the things we do for our readers… 🙂

Nick’s Numbers
Weight starting challenge: 220.0
Weight last week (2/27): 217.4
Weight today (3/6): 215.0

Weight lost during the challenge: 5.0
Weight lost this week: 2.4

Food Journal: Kept every day


  • Monday: Elliptical Trainer 1 hour
  • Tuesday:  Ran 3.57 miles; Weights/strength training 50 minutes
  • Wednesday:  Elliptical 1 hour
  • Thursday:  Rest day
  • Friday: Running at lunch ~3.5 miles

Overall, this week I start very strong, but was worn out on Thursday so I moved my rest day (usually Friday).

Rebecca’s Numbers
Weight starting challenge: 193.8
Weight last week (2/27): 192.0
Weight today (3/6): 189.0

Weight lost during challenge: 4.8
Weight lost this week: 3.0

Food Journal:
Kept every day

Exercise: Went ok this week. I kept up the elliptical routine that I established last week and added in running, but have not added weights yet. My main goal was to make sure to do some exercise each day and to increase the intensity a little bit to increase the number of calories I was burning. I succeeded at that for the most part this week.

Happy weekend, everyone!