Well it’s that time again. . .

For me his new challenge falls at a perfect time.  For so long my focus has been on running a marathon, that I almost do not know what to do with myself now that I’ve done it.  That kind of stasis can lead to “Post Marathon Syndrome”:  eat more, drink more, sleep more . . . run less.  According to John “The Penguin” Bingham, the key to overcoming this kind of let-down is to “find a new challenge and set a new goal.”

With that in mind, here are my goals:

  • Get trim:  I want to lose at least 20lbs.  This will put me under 200lbs.
  • Get faster:  I want to run a 10k in under 50 minutes; and a 5k in 24 minutes or less.
  • Get  Stronger:  I am going to try and complete the hundred pushups challenge, maintain a consistent weight training program, and do some pull-ups (not sure how many yet)
  • Diversify:  I want to try as many new activities as possible.  To me getting fit is wasted if I don’t use my new-found fitness to try new things.  These activities may take many different forms: cycling, hiking, white water rafting . . . who knows?

Let the challenge begin!