Two days, sixteen hours, and forty-five minutes to go. . . . but who’s counting?

I have just finished training.  I got in one last (short) run to stetch my legs.  Now all that is left is to make it to the starting line.

I am not sure that I will again achieve the minimal amount of focus necessary to log on and write another post before the marathon. But, I wanted to wrap up these four long months of training with one thought:  THANK YOU!

A friend recently reminded me of the importance in remembering why we undertake difficult tasks.  For me running has been mostly selfish.  I run because I can, and because I enjoy the world of experiences that stem from this simple activity. But even in my selfish pursuit I have received invaluable support from friends, family, and complete strangers.

Thank you everyone. I cannot wait to sit down and write my next post and tell you how it went.