As Rebecca mentioned in her last post, we have been out of town and out of sorts for a while now.  We are back, however, and hope to get back to our somewhat regular updates here in the blogoshpere.

Less than three weeks and counting.   The events of the past two weeks have really thrown marathon training for a loop.  Here was my original plan for the final three weeks of training:

3 weeks until marathon (1/25/09)–complete final 20 mile run;

2 weeks until marathon (2/1/09)–race a 10K to use as a time trial and gage my fitness level;

1 week until marathon (2/8/09)–Full blown taper (short runs with high intensity).

Week 3 came and went and I never notice.  Unfortunately, the final 20 miler is out of the picture now.  From my last long long long run of 20 miles I know that it takes me more than two weeks to recover.  Having missed the chance last week I am not going to make up for it this week.

No worries, though. I just think of it as mental training in the fine art of adaptation.  Here is my new plan for this weekend.  I am going to race the 10k as a fitness test.  This is important because I can use my time in the 10k to plan my pace for the marathon.  After the 10k I am going to take a break, eat some food, then run 12 more miles; which will give me 18 miles for the day.  That way I get the race I wanted and I get most of the miles I wanted!

Much has been thrown our way lately.  It has been hard, stressful, and both emotionally and physically draining.  But with each new challenge we’ve learned to adapt: we alter our thinking and ditch the conventional norms for what these hardships reveal to be True.  Thus, all facets of our life go on; though some with perhaps a new perspective.

In a very real sense, the more things change, the more they stay the same.