I apologize for the unexpected silence on the blog. Last week, we had a sudden family tragedy, the details of which I won’t go in to in this post, but one that changed our family forever. For now, know that Nick & I are both fine (as is the Roux).

As I have been gone, I must confess that weight loss and exercise could not have been further from my mind. Instead, the most I was able to do was try and stay well-hydrated, get enough sleep, and eat well. I managed to do that, and to my delight when I got home, I had not gained any weight. That is a small victory.

To wrap up our 100-Day Fitness Challenge, we would like to let you know that the deadline to respond with your results is Friday, January 30th (yes, tomorrow!). Please email us or post a comment on the blog letting us know your results. Good, bad or just ok… we want to know! We will announce the winners and their prizes on Saturday, January 31st. If you do not respond with your results, you won’t receive your prize (and remember, all participants receive a prize)!

We will be kicking off our next challenge on February 1st. We have pretty well decided how our new challenge will be, so in the next few days, we will reveal the new challenge to you. Be thinking about your goals. It can be pretty much anything related to fitness/health/wellness/nutrition.

I hope all is well with you.
Much Love,