I’m not sure of the etiquette involved in discussing the New Year two-weeks after New Year’s day, but I figure the New Year is a fair conversation topic until Martin Luther King’s Birthday.  After that it is as  hip as wearing white after labor day.  In short, I am within the deadline to be allowed to talk about the old year and the new year in the same post.

Old Year, Old Goals

Concluding my part in the 100-day fitness challenge with which we launched this blog, below are a restatement of my goals and an assessment of success (or lack of).

Get down to 200So close . . . I got down to 220, which gave me a net loss of over fifty-pounds for the 2008 calendar year.  Most importantly I learned what it takes to lose weight and get healthy, and the elusive 200 lb mark is well within my sights.

Run a 5k in under 30 minutes. Done, done, and done.  I beat this goal three times during the last 100 days of 2008.  I ran 28:05 at the El Dorado Fun Run; 25:54 at the 2008 Turkey Trek on Thanksgiving; and 25:15 at the Farolito 5k.

Run a 10K under 1:05:30. Bad planning on this one.  The fatal flaw here was that there were no more 10k races I could enter in order to meet this goal.  I have met this goal in training and my 10k split at the Duke City Half-Marathon was under one-hour, but until I satisfy this goal in an official 10k race I count it unaccomplished.  As a side note I will try and break an hour for the 10k at the Superbowl Sunday 10k in Albuquerque on February 2nd.

Run a Half-Marathon. Done.  This is perhaps my most memorable achievement of 2008.  I finished the Half-Marathon (my first) in 2:05:16!

– Do 100-pushups without stopping. This remains a goal of mine.  I stopped the 100-pushup challenge because I started a more comprehensive weight training routine that did not permit me to focus on just pushups.  I will meet this goal this year, though!

Swim a mile without stopping. This goal fell victim to winter marathon training.  Both Rebecca and I got very far in this goal and have become excellent swimmers.  However, I have put the swimming on hold until after the marathon in February.

Keep a food journal. I am coloring this one green, but my success at food journaling is on again off again.  I say it is a successful goal because I have achieved great weight-loss success when I have managed to keep a diligent food journal.  Really, I think this is the #1 thing someone can do for successful weight loss and nutrition regimens.

That’s it. I am not disappointment in my unmet challenges because there is a whole year ahead to meet these goals and set some new ones.  Which brings me to . . .

New Year, New Goals

I have one goal right now.  Run the Austin Marathon.

In true lawyerly fashion, however, my goal has three tiers:

  • 3.  Finish the Marathon
  • 2. Finish the Marathon in under five hours
  • 1. Finish the Marathon in under four hours

My training suggest that I am very close to the fitness level required to run a four-hour marathon.  However, I don’t know what to expect and what factors will help or hinder me.  So, I am hoping for the best but preparing myself physically and mentally for the worst.  In that way my approach is well stated in this quote from Dean Karnazes:

run if you can,walk when you have to,crawl if you must; just never give up.”