We have been back from our vacation for several days now, and had to literally hit the ground running. We were delayed for a few days in Puerto Rico (without our luggage!), so when we got back we had lots going on and lots to take care of. Now we are back in the swing of things, caught up, and ready to resume blogging.

In the next few days, we will definitely write a post or two about our trip, complete with pictures (although none in swimsuits, Haidi!) and how we found ways to exercise and maintain while on our trip. For now, just know that we had a wonderful, relaxing time, and can’t wait to return to that particular island. It was tough to come back to cold temperatures, snow,  fading tans and responsibilities, but I suppose all vacations must come to an end.

Today, we have a few items to take care of on the blog, namely, wrapping up our 100-Day Fitness Challenge.


Did you reach your goals (or did you come close?)?

For those of you who were part of our challenge, how did you do? Please email us or post a comment to let us know. If we do not hear from you, we can’t send you your prize (remember, all who took part receive a prize)! Also, as we mentioned on the original post, three people who have done really well will receive an extra-special prize. Oh, and bonus points for anyone sending us before and after photos! 🙂

Also, for those who are wondering, here are the results of my challenge (Nick will post his separately):

I would like to complete the Couch to 5K program.
I changed the program to the plan in the book “Running for Mortals,” but I did complete a training program for running a 5K.

After I complete the Couch to 5K program, I would like to actually run a 5K race.
I ran the Turkey Trek on Thanksgiving Day. My time was 40:08.

I would like to complete the 100 Pushups Challenge.
I got pretty far in this challenge, but for some reason, this challenge fizzled out. This is an awesome way to build arm strength (and get ripped arms!), so I will definitely carry this over into my list of new goals.

I would like to swim a mile (without stopping for a rest).
I also got pretty far with this challenge, which is really saying something because I used to be afraid of the water. That changed when I started this program, however, I didn’t complete this challenge. I will probably have some sort of swimming goal in my new challenge.

I would also like to lose 40 more lbs. in the next 100 days.
During the challenge, I lost 20 lbs., bringing my weight loss to a total of 40lbs. I didn’t meet this goal, but I did pretty darn well!

All in all, I’d say I did pretty well in the challenge, and I can’t wait to hear how you all have done!

Now, who’s up for a new challenge? We’d love to have your input as to the type of challenge you want. Feel free to email or post a comment with suggestions and ideas, and if you have a minute, please take our poll:

I hope 2009 has been good so far, and that you have started your year off with health and fitness. We are looking forward to seeing what this year brings, and we hope that this blog will be useful to you in continuing toward your goals.