Thanksgiving was great.  We were happy to meet and fellowship with all our friends and family who were able to come down (around, up, and over too) for dinner.

The day started out well with the 8th Annual Turkey Trek in Albuquerque.  Five of us went out to represent our clan.  It was raining, but not unpleasantly cold.  I originally planned to walk with the others in our group, but decided at the last minute to ditch them and run.  I felt great, and I thought that being thankful for a new 5k PR would better honor the spirit of the holiday.

The rain didn’t seem to affect my run much.  I slipped a little bit on a speed bump, which caused some discomfort for the next day or so, but I still finished over two minutes under my previous best.  25:54!

My biggest surprise of the race, came shortly after the turnaround when I saw Rebecca running past me in the opposite direction.  She too had planned to walk but instead decided at the last minute to run, making this her first official 5k race.

She’ll have to update you all with a more complete race report.  But I am so proud of her and look forward to cheering her on at her next race (I think that she may be hooked now).

In training news, I decided at the last minute to hold-off on my planned 20 mile run on Sunday.  Many in the family fell ill over the weekend, and I am still unsure whether I am afflicted or not.  I felt it was better to rest.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, Rebecca has not been well, but when she is I am sure pictures from the weekend will be forthcoming.