Had my long run today. 17.5 miles, a segue between 15 and what will be my longest distance of 20 miles. My overall pace was exactly at my planned long run pace of 11:17 min./mile.  It was very tough, and has me a little apprehensive about next week’s 20 mile run.  Perhaps I should have been forewarned by the inauspicious start to my run, where, within the first mile I lost my rather meager breakfast of coffee and a Power Bar on some person’s driveway.  Fortunately for me I am not superstitious . . . I’m just a little bit stitious.  (Sorry I had to figure out how to work that joke from “The Office” into a post).

I am not sure of the conventional wisdom, so I don’t know how many 20 milers I should run while training for my first marathon.  I will definitely read up on it before I do anything that might risk an overuse injury.

Also, Runners’ World has a great article on the pressing question “Are Marathons Dangerous?”  I believe that this is the second question that comes to the mind of most people when they hear that someone is planning to run a marathon.  The first question:  “Why?”

Not much else to report.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is looking forward to a great Thanksgiving holiday.