Yesterday was a day to try new things!

For lunch, my mom came down and the three of us (my mom, Nick and I) were all feeling a bit adventurous. We went to BODY, a local spa, yoga studio, boutique and cafe, a place I had been wanting to try for awhile now. Here is the description of BODY Cafe from their website:

BODY offers healthy, delicious, affordable foods that are wheat, dairy, & sugar free, & selections for vegan, raw, & other diets.

Nick chose the Raw Pizza which was JUST delicious! It had a zucchini almond crust, sun-dried tomato marinara, olives, pine nut ricotta cheese, basil pesto, with a side salad of organic greens with an herb house dressing. The next time we go, I would definitely order this. It was amazing.


Mom ordered a Tuna Sandwich with tomatoes, celery, red onions, jack cheese, served with vegan nayonaisse on spelt bread and a side salad of organic greens with herb house dressing. It was so so yum.


For my lunch, I finally decided on Raw Thai Curry, which was zucchini and mango strips, with tomatoes, in a special mango pad thai sauce with crushed raw cashews. It was so wonderful, and it left me completely satisfied.


For dessert, we all shared a raw chocolate cookie and a raw hemp bar (sorry, I forgot to take photos… we dug right in!). Both were excellent.

Overall, the meal was amazing and delicious, and we will definitely be visiting BODY again. We left feeling full and satisfied, and even throughout the afternoon, we were still satisfied. We aren’t necessarily “going raw,” but we have discussed adding more elements of a “raw foods diet” to our diet. Anyone have any recommendations on raw cookbooks?

The OTHER thing I tried yesterday that was new was that I went to a spin class, somewhat on a whim. Nick and I had been wanting to try a spin class, so I stopped by to get a schedule and decided to take a class that was starting an hour later! I went home to change, and came back about fifteen minutes before the class started. The instructor set me up on a bike, adjusting the seat position and height, and I was all set to go! One hour later (and about 19 miles), I slowly climbed off the bike, a sweaty, but thrilled mess.

It was a fantastic workout, and I am looking forward to going to another class, quite possibly tomorrow morning at about eight o’clock. My hind-end and I are disagreeing on that at the moment, but what my sore rear doesn’t know is that I bought a pair of padded cycling capris this afternoon. Woohoo! We’ll see what happens. 🙂

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!