Today I ran my longest long run to date: 15 miles!  Because I knew I would be out for close to three hours (final time 2:45-ish), I used a hydration backpack that Rebecca bought for me back when my long runs never topped 8 miles.


I rarely see runners wearing this kind of hydration pack, and I’m not sure why.  It is more comfortable than my fuel belt, holds more stuff, and holds more liquid.

Here is some of what I really enjoy about my weekend runs:

The quite solitude, which is highly conducive to weekly introspection.


The sights.



Seeing other people share a passion for running (that’s Rebecca BTW in the middle of her run.  I am trying to chase her down after finishing my 15mi… I was not successful).


Also, burning those calories (you probably can’t see it but my Garmin says I burned 3632 calories on my run, that’s over a pound; I was very hungry later).


And, of course, the lazy morning that follows these runs.


The only downside, is that when I am out, Jack has taken to usurping my chair for his own uses.


I hope your day started off as well as mine.  Have a nice Sunday!