This morning Rebecca and I got up early (even though I have the day off), and, much to Jack’s dismay we went to the local High School track to work out.


I really enjoy the track.  The repeats are tough, but I feel like I am getting faster. And, something about running on a track just feels good.


On the menu this morning for me was 800m repeats.  I increased the amount of repeats from four to five this week.  My splits were as follows: 3:55; 4:07; 4:00; 4:03; 4:00.  I’ve evened out my splits a lot since last week, which is good.  According to the Runners’ World training calculator my splits should be 4:17, but I didn’t feel like the slightly faster pace was too taxing.

Over the weekend I ran 13 miles and felt great.  Then, yesterday I lifted weights.  Right on track for the week.



From Rebecca

I’ve had a pretty tough last few days (about a week). I’d wake up with a headache, or I’d be a bit nauseous, or both. Through those days, I’d do something light, like walking, and eat the best I could. I was still counting the number of calories I would eat, but wasn’t concerned with having a significant deficit or even losing weight during those days. And, true to my plan, my weight just stayed the same.

I was also somewhat avoiding running because I was in desperate need of new running shoes, as I knew that my old ones weren’t helping me out at all. I had been experiencing an increasing amount of pain each time I ran, in my heels, in my arch, on the outside edge of my foot, and on the last few runs, even numbness in my feet & legs sometimes! Not normal, and not good.

So, on Sunday, I went and got some new running shoes, and I was excited to try them out!


Last night before bed, I laid out all of my running clothes, as well as my heart rate monitor, gloves, etc. This morning, Nick woke me up, despite my protests:

“Can I not go this time?”

“I’ll just do my run later.”

“Can I just finish my dream first?”

“How about three more minutes?”

Finally, I pulled myself out of bed, and we drove over to the track. It was gorgeous, and as we ran around in circles, I was able to relax into my run and enjoy the morning. As I ran, I watched the sun crest over the mountains to the east of us, Nick passed me many times, and I was able to focus on my form (instead of how much my feet hurt… because they didn’t hurt!). It felt good to start the day off right, while easing back into the (now) familiar feel of my muscles, subtly stretching and strengthening. Ahhhhh.