My husband is the runner in our family. But oh, I’m getting there!

I’ve always liked the idea of running, but when I actually put shoe to pavement, it hurts! At first, the hurt alone was enough to defeat me. I’d stop for awhile, and then decide I wanted to try again, only for some part of my body to hurt (mainly my feet or legs).

I’d tell myself that running came naturally to some people, that maybe it didn’t hurt for them, or that maybe I just wasn’t meant to run. Countless excuses furthered the distance between me…….and…….running. Thankfully, each day Nick got out for a run, finished a distance that he thought impossible, ran 5ks, a 10k, and a half-marathon, he shattered my excuses one-by-one.

As I stand at the sidelines of Nick’s races, I see all of these incredible people, who have pushed past being uncomfortable, ignored the excuses that would hold them back, and they cross the finish-line in triumph. Lots of them have much greater excuses than I have, and yet, there they are, finishing a race, and here I am, cheering for them on the sideline.

And here’s where my transition came.

I began to realize that there is no excuse that is true. No excuse can stop me. Although it hurts sometimes, now I relish that hurt, because I know that each time I push past that, I am one step closer to becoming one of those people I admire.

So, although I haven’t finished any races yet, I will. And until then, each excuse that gets in my way will get trampled and left behind. I’m not going to waste my time with excuses. Instead, I view each day as a new opportunity to go one step further than I did the day before.

*Note: As I’m talking about it hurting, I don’t mean an injury or even something that could result in an injury… just using my muscles.