I just wanted to write a post to wish Nick well in his half-marathon tomorrow! The pasta has been consumed, the race gear checked and re-checked, and the half-marathoner-to-be has been softly snoring away for a few hours now.

I have been thinking long and hard about what sign to make to hold up at the race, and I finally decided on this one. I know it won’t be much of a surprise to Nick, but hopefully as he’s coming in to the finish line, it will give him a nice boost of energy and bring a smile to his face.

…and for those of you not sure what this means, our dog (Jack) is nicknamed “Roux.”

He first got the nickname “Roo” because he hops up and down when we come home. Then, we decided it should be spelled “Roux” because he’s more like the mixture of butter and flour (see definition here) than a kangaroo.

However, he (Roux) is quite a fast sprinter, even though he grunts as he runs.


Best of luck to you, sweetie! I’m soooooooo proud of you and all that you have accomplished! I am absolutely inspired by your dedication to training and your passion for running. Not only am I thrilled to cheer you through each and every finish line, I hope (at some point) to run through a few with you! Love you mucho!