Hello Everyone!

Well, Friday is here once again! I am so ready for it this week! I thought I’d check in and let you know how I have been doing with my Challenge Goals.

Running. I have been progressing with my training program for running a 5K. After a little bit of consideration, I changed from doing the Couch to 5K to a program outlined in the book “Running For Mortals” by John Bingham. It is similar, but I’m liking it better. Just personal preference, and I am still on track for running the 5K in December.

Pushups. *Confession Time* I have been slacking with the 100-Pushups Program this week, but I am planning on starting back today. I am on Week 4, Day 1 still.

Swimming. Probably the greatest progress I’ve had is in swimming. We are currently swimming 900 meters, 3 days a week (total 2700 meters!). So far, we have swam 200m without stopping for a rest both Monday and Wednesday (and will tonight as well). If you’ve ever been swimming with me in the past, you will know that this is great progress. When I started swimming a few months ago, I was afraid to put my head in the water… afraid of the water in general! So this is such tremendous progress so far! 🙂 Each time I am more comfortable with being in the water, and able to push myself a little more. And I LOVE being underwater. I feel like a kid sometimes because we’ll be done with our laps, Nick will be ready to go, and I just want to PLAY in the water!

And as far as the weight loss, I am going to be changing up my general exercise (i.e. my weight loss has been slowing down). It will still include running, swimming, and pushups, but I’ve reached a point where I need to change up my exercise to include other things (High Intensity Resistance Training, and/or High Intensity Anaerobic Interval Training, for those that are wondering…). I am currently developing my plan for the next few months, so I will be sure and let you know all about it once I’ve got it figured out.

We would LOVE it if all who are participating in the challenge would check in and let us know how you’re doing! Even if it’s not so great, we might have a suggestion for you. If you haven’t signed up for the challenge yet (all you have to do is leave a comment or email us), what are you waiting for? Today’s a great day to start!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!