Runner’s Lounge, my favorite Running Community in the Blogoshpere, has a weekly segment called “Take it and Run Thursday” (hereinafter TIART), wherein they host blog posts on a weekly topic.*  This week’s topic: “Signs you would love to see while running your race.”

Since I am running my first Half-Marathon one week from Sunday, I have been trying to get Rebecca to hold a sign (and wear a shirt and possibly various accessories) that says:


Believe it or not, this has special (even sentimental) meaning to me.  At my first 10K a couple of months ago, I push as hard as I could and puked 10 yards to the finish line . . . then on the finish line . . . then a little bit on the kid trying to take the tag from my bib so that he could record my time.  I walked (stumbled) away grinning because I knew I had given everything I could in the race (literally), making my 1:05:36 time a heroic effort in my own mind.

My first goal in my Half is just to finish, but if I can walk away after putting it all out there for everyone to see–but hopefully not slip in–I’ll know I did my best.


* Sorry for the legalese, but afterall, if I’m not actually working . . . .