From now on, I am going to try and remember to bring a camera with me on my long runs.  Particularly, when I have the chance to run somewhere new.

This weekend I went running along the mighty (or not so mighty) Rio Grande in Albuquerque.  I hoped to run with the balloons from the International Balloon Fiesta.  I thought a sight like this one could carry me through an entire run.

Unfortunately, it rained all night and into the morning.  Instead of imagining myself weightless, flying through the air in a wicker basket precariously attached to a multi-colored orb, I had nothing to focus on except the pain in my legs, the mud, and the stuff that looked like mud but smelled much worse.

I had mapped out a ~10 mile route, but left the comfort of my bed planning on doing no more than 8.  I thought that I could make it back before anyone noticed I was gone, and catch some much needed sleep.  But, just as I was ready to call it quits, I saw–right there in someone’s backyard–a real life, Even-Toed Ungulate, an Artiodactyla Camelidae.  Or, to the uniformed, the ultra-endurance superstar known as a camel.

For the next five miles I imagined what I would do with a pet camel.  There are no large desert crossings nearby that I anticipate needing to cross.  And camels aren’t particularly scrumptious . . . at least that’s what my friends tell me.  So, I settled on giving camel rides to children and child-like adults.  With financial crises and the collapse of our economic system as we know it, I think people could use a little leisurely camel-riding fun.   And, after years of disappointment with get-rich-quick schemes, I think I could get rich with this scheme . . . and quick!

By the time a swerving pickup truck jolted me out of my reverie, I was almost done with my run.  I finished off the 10 miles without further camel sightings.

Overall it was a good run, but I wish I had some pictures. I don’t think Rebecca believes my camel story, and for some reason seems reticent about our camel farming future.  I’m not sure how she can say “No” to this face.


*10 points to whoever can point out the veiled Simpson’s reverence.