Surprising as it may be, I don’t know everything. . . .  I’ll give you a few seconds to recover from your shock . . . . I can, however, give you a lot of links to find your own answers.  And, I can do so in handy, bullet point formatting too:

  • Peak Performance is a blog from Runner’s World and is a great source for some of the latest medical and exercise information.   In this edition: “Exercise Reduces Diabetes; Commercial Diet Programs Pass Nutrition Test; Eat Only One Chocolate Bar a Week; Be Wary of High-Caffeine Energy Drinks”
  • If you are interested in performing your own medical research, here is a great website:  Though I suggest if you have serious problems, you may need to see a doctor.  Even lawyers do not represent themselves when we get into trouble. . . or so I have heard.
  • Finally, here is a video of Biggest Loser Trainer Jillian, explaining the importance of weight loss through both diet and exercise.  It also reiterates some of the information in Rebecca’s post yesterday (The Formula).

Got Links?