Before I really get into anything practical on this blog, I thought I’d give everyone a bit of my history. This is the story of why I decided that having extra weight was NOT an option for me anymore, and that I had to do something about it. It is deeply personal, but I want to share it with you because I am proud that I have come so far. In the hopes of helping someone, I am willing to share my journey without any hesitation.

Note for the guys: In this post, I say the words “cycle” and “hormones” and “ovulating.” There, you’ve seen the worst of it, I promise it doesn’t get any more detailed than that right there. Read on with confidence, there’s nothing to worry about.

So, the story…

When Nick & I got married (June of 2004), I was happy and content (still am, as a matter of fact!) …and lazy (I’m not that anymore!). Consequently, during the first year of marriage, I kept discovering new (uninvited) pounds taking residence on my body. One by one, they began to show up, until they settled quite determinedly and I found myself at a weight that was much higher than I really wanted it to be. Still happy and in l-u-v, I didn’t really mind those pounds, until Nick & I decided we would like to start a family.

Without getting into a lot of scientific (and probably inappropriate) details, I discovered that as a result of the extra weight, I had disrupted the hormones in my body, and because they were “out-of-whack,” I was not ovulating …very necessary in having a baby!

Through a myriad of tests, the doctor told me that in addition to not ovulating, I had insulin resistance. Not diabetes, not quite pre-diabetes, but well on my way to taking my first steps down that road. I’m not one to take things like that lightly, and I knew enough about diabetes that I wasn’t willing to travel any further down that road. I knew that this was something that I was causing, and a reaction that my body was having to what I was doing to it.

That was then.

In about April of 2008, I really began my transformation. Not only did I begin exercising (a lot!), and eating healthier (yum!), I also stopped going to any medical professionals. Now, this is absolutely not a suggestion for anyone, but I knew from the research I had done that by losing a certain amount of weight, many of the problems that I was having would subside. This was absolutely not a problem that needed to be treated medically. It could progress to where that might have been an option, but was really nowhere near that level. I had to get serious, discipline myself and get to work.

Sure enough, as I began to move more, and really learn about my nutrition, I began to lose weight. I fought for every pound that left my body, and slowly, but surely, I began to see the changes I expected (and desperately hoped for). As I reached twenty pounds of weight lost, my cycles began to regulate, and I have confirmed that I am, indeed, ovulating again (just in case you were wondering…).

I have regained focus of reality and that has caused my goals to change somewhat. Of course, we are still trying to have a baby, but until that day comes, I am still continuing to lose weight. I still have about 53 lbs. to go until I’m at the weight I’d like to be at. At the very least, I’d love to lose about 20 more before getting pregnant, just to have a healthier, more active pregnancy.

I am no longer one who stands on the sidelines, watching other people be active and healthy. When I was writing my bio for this blog, I was incredibly proud to include the word “Athlete” and I intend to continue on this new, bright path for the rest of my life. I will not shy away from any challenge thrown at me. I will reach for things just beyond my grasp and not give up. I will keep reaching.

And now that things are in order, I *just know* that we will have exciting news before too long. I know without a doubt that I have not waited in vain. And it is not heartbreaking to me anymore, or a seemingly endless battle that I was too weary to fight in the first place. I don’t even mind that I have had to wait longer than most! The timing could not be more perfect.

This is now.