In the spirit of our 100-day challenge* below are some of my goals. I have been working on some of these for a while already.

– Get down to 200. I have about 35lbs more to go to reach 200.  I haven’t been that weight since my first (and only) sanctioned amateur boxing match when I was in undergraduate school.  Here are a few good tips for nutrition and weight loss

– Running related.  I would like to do each of the following: Run a 5k in under 30 minutes (first attempt is Saturday Sept. 27th); Run a 10K in a new Personal Record (this means under 1:05:30); Run a Half-Marathon (I signed up for the Duke City Half-Marathon earlier this week)

– Do 100-pushups without stopping.  Note to anyone else who tries this program.  For most people it is not a 6-week program.  I think most people will have to repeat different weeks and days before reaching the ultimate goal of 100 pushups.  I have gone from 10 pushups to 40+ in about 10 weeks (though I have not been very diligent).  I would love to do 100-pushups by the end of the year.

Swim a mile without stopping.  Right now this seems like an almost impossible task, but it is something I would really like to achieve in the next 100 days.

As a new challenge, I want to start keeping a food journal. I have done this very sporadically in the past and each time I have been faithful I have seen results.  I actually think this is one of the most difficult fitness challenges because it can be so tedious, but I really think it is one of the best things you can do for weight-loss or nutritional goals.  I suggest checking out to help figure out the calorie contents of most foods.

That’s it for now.  I think I would like to try another activity, but I am not sure what that should be yet. . . any ideas?


*Though we call it the 100-day challenge please feel free to start at any time during the next 99-days